HSB 524 – enhancing the use of DNA

House Study Bill 524 (HSB 524) is a bill that will include the conviction of an aggravated misdemeanor as a crime that requires the defendant to submit a DNA sample for DNA profiling. Currently, those offenders who have committed a felony and an aggravated misdemeanor that is a sex crime are required to submit a sample.

An amendment, adopted by the subcommittee, allows for the expungement of a DNA record from the state’s DNA database if the person requests it. In order for the expungement to occur, the person must have been convicted of a non-sex-related aggravated misdemeanor, or received a deferred judgment; gone ten years without another aggravated misdemeanor or greater offense; and paid all restitution, fines, and costs assessed in the aggravated misdemeanor.

JRC still opposes the bill. Please call your representative, especially if your representative is a member of the House Judiciary Committee, and ask him/her to oppose HSB 524.

It’s That Time of Year

The 2012 Legislative session begins on Monday, January 9. We have already sifted through the prefiled bills and can tell you that this session will not be much different from the previous ones when it comes to government’s desire to lock more people up in the pokey.

Here are some titles of the prefiled bills:

Child Pornography (5149DP) – Attorney General (Department of Justice)

DNA Submissions by Aggravated Misdemeanors (5148DP) – Attorney General (Department of Justice)

Arrest Warrants, Confidentiality (5322DP) – Department of Corrections

Sexual Abuse by Correctional Employees (5324DP) – Department of Corrections (JRC will be supporting this measure, strongly.)

Presentence Investigations, Validated Risk Assessments (5294DP) – Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy

DNA Profiling of Offenders (5306DP) – Department of Public Safety

Operating While Intoxicated, Implied Consent and Chemical Testing (5308DP) – Department of Public Safety