Not Much Left

There is less than one-third of the Iowa legislative session left to complete (using the measurement of per diem for legislators) and a considerable amount of legislation has disappeared into the funnel, while a handful of bills that contain interest to Justice Reform Consortium remain alive. Read more . . . here!

A Mentoring Program for those Returning from Prison

Recidivism rates for those returning to their community after time in prison are greatly reduced if the individual has positive family support. When this support is not available, other individuals or groups can make the difference in the success or failure in “making it” on the outside.

Plymouth Church’s Board of Christian Social Action is planning a training program for individuals on how to provide mentoring for men and women returning from prison. Initially, a two hour informational meeting on this program will be held THIS SATURDAY, March 17, 9:00 AM at Plymouth Church, 4120 Ingersoll Avenue, Des Moines. On April 14 a full day of mentor training will be provided for those who decide they are interested in being a part of this important program.

For information contact Allen Vander Linden 515/266-7638