News From The Sentencing Project

The Sentencing Project shares a new visual tool, Trends in U.S. Corrections. It provides a compilation of key developments in the criminal justice system over the past several decades. Among the issues featured in this collection are:

• Rate of incarceration from 1925 to 2010
• International comparisons of incarceration rates
• Changes in the drug offender composition of prison populations over time
• Racial/ethnic disparities by gender in incarceration
• Increases in the number of people serving life sentences and life without parole since the 1980s
• Trends in the number of juveniles held in adult prisons and jails since 1985
• Increases in state corrections expenditures from 1985 to 2010

From Marc Mauer of TSP: I hope you find this information useful in your public education and policy reform efforts. We will be updating these figures on an ongoing basis as new data becomes available, so please check our website regularly for this and other information.

New National PREA Standards Released

The U.S. Department of Justice released its final rule setting the national standards for the prevention, detection, and response of rape in correctional settings. The standards establish national requirements for all federal, state, and local correctional facilities, including jails and prisons, lockups, community corrections, and juvenile facilities.

A detailed, full text account of the ruling and newly released PREA-related materials, including a cost/benefit analysis of the potential impact of the ruling on facilities, can be found online at: