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Justice Reform Consortium (JRC) is a group of 18 organizations that work together for the purpose of reform of the criminal justice system, from one based on retributive justice to one based on restorative justice. The organizations work to support legislation that would provide for increased funding for family connections, education, mental health and substance abuse treatment and reentry programs. These organizations all believe that we should be investing in drug and mental health courts and other community based corrections, including those that serve the mentally ill who have become involved with the criminal justice system.

Justice Reform Consortium member organizations: ACLU of Iowa; American Friends Service Committee; Beacon of Life; Citizens for Undoing Racism-War on Drugs Task Force; Des Moines Chapter of WILPF; Friends of Iowa Women Prisoners; Iowa Annual Conference, UMC; Iowa CURE; Iowa Coalition 4 Juvenile Justice; Iowa-Nebraska Chapter of the NAACP; Iowa NOW and Des Moines NOW; Methodist Federation for Social Action; National Association of Social Workers; Plymouth Congregational Church, Board of Christian Social Action; Social Action Committee, Des Moines Presbytery; Trinity United Methodist Church; Urban Dreams; and Voices to be Heard.

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  1. Bruno on said:

    The GOP congress under Bush is the cpirult that passed the laws giving tax breaks to the companies that LEFT Iowa. it was the GOP that tied the hands of the unions who were resisting this crushing blow to thier livelyhood by insisting this be a right to work state . And when the jobs were gone it was Grassley who said he was tickeled when some 200 jobs came to Newton. 200 MINIMUM WAGE JOBS. And when the workers didnt take them? Brandstat said they should be ASHAMED.???? What an asshole

  2. kelliroth-debolt on said:

    I was just released from the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women today, September 25, 2012. I am an educated, out-going, & confident woman by nature. I also happened to be one whom made some critically bad choices, broke the law & paid the serious consequences of my actions. I want to personally let it be known that my experience there was beneficial to my life. I would like to thank the men & women that serve the Department of Corrections there. They are professional, assertive, kind and helpful & I, for one, am determined to be a successful, stable & positive member of society. This I will do for myself, my family, my community, & lastly for those who work within the DOC realm so that they may know that their jobs & their lives are appreciated & NOT done in vain. Thank you for your time. If its all right with you, I will keep you posted on my progress if for no other reason than my own peace of mind. 🙂

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